As part of ongoing efforts to build upon the existing entrepreneurial ecosystem in Tacoma, the City of Tacoma’s Community and Economic Development Department is leveraging Washington State Department of Commerce’s Small Business Innovation Fund (SBIF) dollars to partner with three organizations specializing in technical assistance for small and micro businesses. From March 2023 – May 2023, Devland, Kay Tita, and Spaceworks Tacoma will use one-time SBIF funding provided by the City of Tacoma to roll out three new programs focusing on direct intermediate to advanced-level technical assistance for small and micro-businesses in the areas of financial and digital literacy and readiness.

Eligible small businesses based in Tacoma are invited to submit an application directly through these organizations.

Devland “GROW” Program
Devland is implementing a new program focused on core financial capabilities and amplification using digital marketing for Tacoma businesses called “GROW” targeting micro enterprises looking to advance their businesses through lean and efficient operations. Participants will gain support generating key finance and business plan documents along with digital marketing and content creation support from Devland’s content builder team. This approach is offered with workshops but focused on real-time engagement helping micro-entrepreneurs hit key milestones. Applications will open on February 21st, 12 micro businesses will be selected and the program will initiate for confirmed participants in the first week of March.

Apply for the program here. 


Kay Tita Digital Sales Access Program
Through the Digital Sales Access Program (DSAP) Summit Kay Tita aims to bridge the digital divide that impacts immigrant, minority, and small businesses—particularly those operating as cash-only or those in need of financial management tools. Kay Tita will serve up to 65 Tacoma-based businesses with training that will help business owners grow their operations by providing them with a free POS system and training to increase their e-commerce capacity, social media marketing, digital literacy, financial awareness, and connection to community and a sense of belonging. Applications for the DSAP will open on February 27th.

For eligibility requirements and updates, please visit Kay Tita’s website

Spaceworks Tacoma
Spaceworks Tacoma aims to provide training, technical assistance, and financial resources to 35 graduates of its incubator programs to grow their digital marketing efforts. This includes web design, social media content creation, product photography, video creation, paid advertising, e-commerce platforms, and accounting and invoicing software. Applications for this program will open on February 17th and are limited to graduates of Spaceworks incubator program graduates.

For eligibility requirements and updates, please visit Spaceworks’ website

The City of Tacoma Community & Economic Development Department is committed to building an equitable and inclusive economy that benefits the whole city by promoting access to economic opportunities for all of Tacoma’s diverse communities.

The City of Tacoma encourages everyone to participate in its programs and activities. For additional questions, translation or interpretation, technical assistance, disability accommodations, materials in alternate formats, or accessibility information.

For any questions please contact:
Dierdre Patterson

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