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Examine Federal, State, local and private sector resources that may benefit businesses financially.

Financial Support

International Investments

Tacoma’s thriving trade economy offers direct access to Pacific Rim markets and the World Trade Center.

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Active Lifestyle

From Mt. Rainier to the Waterfront Promenade, you can enjoy a bustling downtown, welcoming community, and picturesque surroundings.

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Streamlined Transportation

Get wherever you need to go in 15 minutes flat, while also accessing the global marketplace. Connect to an international port and airport, along with rail and I-5 access.

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Affordable Real Estate

Take advantage of competitively-priced real estate, a streamlined permitting process, and some of the lowest-priced utilities in the country.

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Educated & Skilled Workforce

Your dream team awaits: Tacoma's eight higher-ed institutions offer top talent and key industry connections.

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Startup Friendly

New businesses thrive in Tacoma. Join a welcoming community of fellow startups and get the support, talent, and real estate you need.

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