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Getting Started

Every smart business starts with a solid foundation of research. Our resource guides will help you Launch or Grow your Business. Tacoma also offers a variety of events and training workshops that guide you through starting and/or growing your business.

The Tacoma Public Library offers online resources which are accessible with a library card number. Use the Business Plan Builder to work through the process of business/nonprofit building, or Reference USA to perform market research.

Not sure where to start? That’s what we’re here for. Contact City of Tacoma’s business support team for friendly and experienced guidance.

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Market Research

The Washington State Department of Commerce offers access to SizeUp. SizeUp provides you with the data and analytics you need to see how you stack up with competitors and fine-tune your business model for success. Run various scenarios on costs, revenue, location, customers and marketing strategies. You can even see how you compare to similar businesses around the state or the U.S. At each juncture, you have the opportunity to take deeper dives using the links provided.

Click here to see how your business sizes up!

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Search Available Business Real Estate

Finding the right business property is a key step in planning your business. Are you looking for a downtown storefront with steady foot traffic? An open office space that allows for easy collaboration? Or a large manufacturing site that offers plenty of room for growth? Whatever you’re looking for, visit Tacoma Space to view available properties. Contact us directly for additional assistance with site search and market research.

For your planning information, here are links to the Tacoma Permits permit timeline and fee estimator.

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Download Free Business Checklists

Check out our comprehensive business checklists that walk you through:

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