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Affordable, Pacific Northwest Business Real Estate

With a median home price that’s roughly 40-percent of Seattle’s, Tacoma offers all the business resources and natural beauty Puget Sound is known for, without the hefty price tag. Tacoma also offers some of the lowest-priced utilities in the country, reducing operating costs for businesses of all sizes. Choose from office space, storefronts, industrial sites, 2,700 acres of port property, and more. Search available business real estate to find the property that’s right for you.


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Booming Real Estate Market

Tacoma’s housing market has been consistently rated a top housing market in the nation for the last three years. With international investors and Seattle residents eyeing the region for its high quality of life, access to utilities including low cost 97-percent carbon free electricity, and a thriving, diverse economy, now is the perfect time to invest in Tacoma real estate.

Nearly 900 new multifamily units were finalized and started leasing in 2023, including 152 affordable units.  The 2024 permitting pipeline includes 5300 new apartments of which over 500 will be affordable.

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