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With international exports totaling $10 billion, international trade is at the heart of Tacoma’s economy.

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Access the Global Marketplace

With direct access to Pacific Rim markets and a highly-efficient port system, Tacoma offers businesses the opportunity to expand overseas, access the products they need, and reach Pacific Rim markets several days faster than Los Angeles and San Diego ports. As a leading trade partner with Asia, Tacoma trades nearly $36 billion in goods with Japan and China, alone. The total value of trade is $52 billion. Top global exports include industrial machinery and computers, agriculture, paper products, seafood, wood products, and dairy products.

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Investments are Surging

International and domestic investments are soaring in Tacoma. Our partnership with Chinese developers has led to a $300 million investment in some of downtown Tacoma’s largest projects, including a 22-story, four-star hotel and a mixed-use project ideally located adjacent to our state-of-the-art Convention Center. The City has also worked closely with the private sector over the last few years, redeveloping two Superfund sites, including the Thea Foss Waterway and the $1 billion Point Ruston development project, which are now thriving mixed-use projects. More than 4,000 multi-family homes are in the development pipeline, along with new corporate headquarters, restaurants, breweries, and hotel expansions. Plus, all of downtown has been pre-approved with the State Environmental Protection Act (SEPA), allowing you to streamline development.

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Partner with the World Trade Center and Sister Cities

Tacoma has spent decades cultivating strong trade relationships across the globe. Our 15 Sister Cities connect businesses with trade and cultural partners all the way from Cuba to Korea, France to the Philippines, and beyond. Tacoma is also home to the World Trade Center (WTC) Tacoma–an association that stretches across nearly 100 countries, 335 cities, and includes 1.2 million member companies. WTC offers real-world training, counseling, and connections that equip your business to reach the global marketplace.

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International Connection via Rail, Port, and Air

Nearly 95% of the world’s consumers are outside the U.S. Get your product where it needs to go with a seamless transportation system that offers easy access to BNSF rail, I-5, the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, and a massive port system. Whether you ship by air, rail, vessel, or highway (or if you just want your flight to Asia to be a few hours faster), Tacoma has the transportation you need.

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Highly-Skilled Trade Workforce

With more than 40% of Washington’s jobs tied to trade, Tacoma represents a key trade and maritime employer. In fact, Tacoma marine cargo and real estate operations support more than 29,000 jobs. Whether you need terminal workers, logistics managers, or equipment suppliers, Tacoma’s 100+ years in the trade industry have helped it develop a legacy of highly skilled and experienced workers.

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