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Enjoy state-of-the-art public transportation, along with an international port, airport, and rail system.

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Access an International Port, Airport, and Rail

Get your product where it needs to go with a seamless transportation system that offers direct access to BNSF and UP rail, I-5, the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, and a massive port system. Whether you ship by air, rail, ground, or vessel, Tacoma has the transportation and streamlined logistics you need.

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Fast and Efficient Supply Chain

Tacoma’s ideal location and transportation infrastructure make it easy to source products from all over the world, particularly from Pacific Rim markets. Products are imported to the Port of Tacoma, where they’re then shipped by rail, air, or truck (Tacoma is located along the I-5 corridor). Connecting Tacoma’s primary transportation points makes it easy to source supplies, products, and materials from overseas and within North America. Tacoma is also home to one of the largest concentrations of warehouse and distribution centers on the West Coast, giving you plenty of choices when it comes to transportation.

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Major Maritime Hub

The Port of Tacoma is one of the nation’s top 10 container ports; it’s also a major center for bulk, breakbulk, and automobiles and a primary point of trade with Alaska and the Pacific Rim. The Port features six deepwater container terminals, 20 transload and cross-dock facilities, 14 international container carriers that call at more than 50 ports across the globe, and connections to BNSF and UP rail lines. With international trade totaling more than $52 billion annually, the Port of Tacoma can help elevate your business on a global scale.  Tacoma is also home to the Center for Urban Waters, Tacoma Maritime Innovation Incubator and the Tacoma Blue Edge Network, helping researchers and innovators leverage marine and maritime resources to solve business challenges.

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State-of-the-Art Public Transportation

Tacoma offers an incredibly-efficient public transportation system, with a combination of commuter rail, light rail, buses, and ferries. Tacoma Link was the first modern electric light rail service in the state and takes riders from the Tacoma Dome multimodal hub through the city’s downtown serving major employers and the University of Washington Tacoma. Likewise, Amtrak, Sound Transit and Pierce Transit offer affordable and environmentally-friendly transportation throughout Pierce County, to Seattle, Portland OR, Vancouver, BC and beyond.

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Reduce Costs with Foreign Trade Zone 86

Tacoma is home to Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) 86–the fourth largest FTZ on the West Coast in terms of imports. Operating within an FTZ can reduce and potentially eliminate Customs duties and reduce overall operating costs. In fact, FTZ’s can cut processing and entry fees by as much as 85% with the Weekly Entry Process. Learn more about Tacoma’s international trade and maritime industries or contact the City of Tacoma to learn more about the benefits of doing business in Tacoma.

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