Green Economic Development


Green economy momentum is already growing in Tacoma. We support a diverse industry mix and welcome the opportunity to work with you, especially in the areas of:

Clean energy — Tacoma is at the forefront of clean hydrogen and electrification. Private refineries and energy producers are at the forefront in development of renewable and sustainable fuels including clean aviation fuels. Puget Sound Energy, US Oil and other providers are active in the transformation to renewable forms of natural gas.

Industrial symbiosis — Home to one of the West Coast’s busiest ports and industries with logistics and transportation connections, Tacoma is ideal for innovative approaches such as reusing products formerly considered waste.

Green building products — Every component needed to build a house is made in Pierce County, Washington. This foundation offers growth opportunities for the green building products industry.

Maritime — A private edge-computing cellular network is being established at the Port of Tacoma. The network includes a living lab where entrepreneurs at every stage can test devices and technologies in actual industrial settings for a “smart Port.”

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Tacoma, Washington is among the first cities in the United States to adopt a Green Economic Development Strategy, providing support and incentives for companies seeking:

• improvements to existing processes and products

• opportunities to test new products and technologies

• a robust workforce with support for upskilling and reskilling as needed

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Financing, training and other incentives are available to help launch your business in Tacoma. Consider these incentives to foster green economy businesses:

• Job Creation Tax Credit for bringing Green Jobs to the area.

• Financing assistance for acquisition, equipment and working capital to transform existing company processes and products, or to help new companies locate in Tacoma.

• Workforce training grants, enabling company success.

• EnviroStar certification, providing recognition and marketing support for a company’s contributions to a healthier planet.

• Expert mentor support through a network of incubators, accelerators and startup providers.

Let’s talk about the green economy opportunities for your business!

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