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With its affordable office space, top talent, vibrant lifestyle, and business support resources, Tacoma is the perfect place to launch your startup.

Building Ecosystems of Opportunity

Tacoma’s proximity to large military bases, coupled with the city’s several higher learning institutions, creates a deep talent pool. Creative synergies with partners interested in gaining educational value helps startups close the valley of debt.

Connect with Other Startups

Tacoma’s close-knit, collaborative community is one of its biggest attractions for employers. Plus, Tacoma is ideally located in between two of the fastest growing startup cities in the US: Portland and Seattle; this allows new startups to easily connect with fellow entrepreneurs and investors, learn the ropes, and recruit the right team. From hackathons, to startup weekends, to pitch fests, there are plenty of opportunities to meet other startups, find investors, and connect with customers. Explore local business organizations and get connected today.

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Find Space, Network, and Innovate

Tacoma is a vital place for creative and tech-based startups. Our city center is the heart of a thriving startup network supported by a host of co-working spaces and incubators.

We have assembled a resource directory of current spaces for your convenience. Click here to view and print our start-up resource flier.


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Find Affordable Real Estate

Tacoma offers high-quality, competitively-priced real estate throughout the city, so whether you’re looking for a high-rise office space, downtown storefront, or industrial warehouse, Tacoma has it. Tacoma also offers a myriad of coworking spaces and incubators that allow entrepreneurs and freelancers to rent office space and network. Check out our user-friendly real estate tool to find the right office or property for you.

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Join Forces with Higher Education

The University of Washington Tacoma, located in the heart of downtown, offers training programs, internships, and networking events that are perfect for startups wanting to connect with the community. Attend lectures featuring world-renowned industry experts, hire a capstone student researching the latest technologies, or connect with the Milgard School of Business to meet industry experts and faculty. UW Tacoma offers programs and experts in cybersecurity, healthcare, computer science, finance, insurance, urban planning, and more. Learn more about Tacoma’s higher-educational institutions.

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Get Free Business Guidance

Whether you’re starting a new tech company or launching a new brewery, City of Tacoma staff can help. They’ll walk you through the key steps of starting your business, including licensing requirements, researching your target market, and more. You can also get started by downloading our startup business checklists here.

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